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Ecobertura is a company that is constantly innovating, both in its methods of pheromone synthesis and trap design, and in the implementation of new communication technologies for monitoring agricultural and forestry pests. By unifying all these tools, Ecobertura aims to facilitate and promote environmentally friendly pest control.

“Innovation is what distinguishes the leader from his followers.”

Steve Jobs

Pheromone synthesis

Pheromones are the odor language by which insects communicate between individuals of the same species. Since the first work on the identification of the sex pheromone of the silk moth, Bombyx mori, in the late 1950s, hundreds of pheromones from different species have been identified.

Development of intelligent traps

Our own experiences in routine pest monitoring and the needs expressed by our customers have led us to develop new models of traps. We design both specific traps for specific pests, as well as an intelligent and autonomous trap, which by implementing new communication technologies is able to monitor pests remotely, transmitting the information in real time to our mobile device and considerably reducing field control visits.


We will soon present the products.

Monitoring pests with Ecobertura App

Ecobertura app arose from the need to collect, classify and compare data from our field trials to determine the efficacy and performance of each of our products compared to other alternatives…


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