Pheromone synthesis

Ecobertura’s pheromones


The pheromones are the insect odor language to communicate among other members of the same species. Since the isolation of the first pheromone from the silk moth on the late 50´s, Bombyx mori, hundreds of pheromones have been characterized. The idea of controlling plagues with environment friendly compounds and acting specifically on the specie of interest are the main purpose of using pheromones. Besides, the regular use of them opens the possibility to understand an insect population dynamic over the year, their geographic distribution and presence of hot spots on the crop.

Of course, these benefits are present in our pheromones and from the competitors. So, what´s the deal with Ecobertura´s pheromones? First, as a producer, we know the process behind our products, from the synthesis to the packaging. We make sure that each step on the transformation from the raw material to the active molecule is going correctly. As our company is essentially R&D oriented, we develop our own synthetic routes and processes and doing so allow us to reach the market with competitive prices for our users.

Why Ecobertura Pheromones?


Apart from being tested before reaching the market, it is a fact that depending on the country or the region where the crop is, the components of the insect pheromone formulation may change. Thus, this is very important to consider since it is very likely to affect pheromone efficiency. Taking this into account, to fulfill our users’ expectations we always adjust the pheromone formulation assaying different presentation on the field until get the best results. If your experience of using pheromones was not as planned, it may not be the product or producer fault, it is just matter of formulation problem. If this was your case, please do not hesitate to contact us, we can work together to get a product which meets your requirements.