Pheromone synthesis

Ecobertura Pheromones


Pheromones are the odor language by which insects communicate between individuals of the same species. Since the first work on the identification of the sex pheromone of the silk moth, Bombyx mori, in the late 1950s, hundreds of pheromones from different species have been identified.


In the search for alternatives to make pest control more species-specific, more environmentally friendly and less toxic than conventional practices, pheromones found their place. Nature itself provides us with the tool to understand the behavior of a pest, its geographical distribution and its aggressiveness or degree of infestation in a given crop. In short, the possibility of anticipating and making the right decisions decisions.

Why Ecobertura Pheromones?


Ecobertura is essentially an R&D&I company, which not only controls all product processes, from synthesis to packaging, but also develops its own synthesis processes. We monitor every step of the transformation from raw material to active material.

In the elaboration of a pheromone we not only take into account the active ingredient, but also the most suitable formulation for the geographical region in which it will be used.

If at any time a pheromone has not met your expectations, it may not be the product or manufacturer, simply the formulation is not optimal for your needs. If this has been your experience, do not hesitate to contact us, we can work on a solution.