who we are

Welcome to Ecobertura!

Ecobertura is a company that is constantly innovating, both in its methods of pheromone synthesis and trap design, and in the implementation of new communication technologies for monitoring agricultural and forestry pests. By unifying all these tools, Ecobertura aims to facilitate and promote environmentally friendly pest control.


R&D is at our origin, so collaboration in projects, both with the public and private sectors, is our daily work. Our goal is to translate the best research results into our products. This brings our products to life and ensures their continuous evolution, providing our users with the assurance and peace of mind that they will always have access to the latest and best version of our offerings.

Our team


Iratxe Guerequiz

Co-founder & CSO | Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Fernando R. Pinacho

Co-founder & CEO | Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Sergio Acosta Piñero

CTO | Chief Technology Officer

Sergio Taboada

Production Manager

Mary Cruz Prieto

Ph.D. in Chemistry

Elena Abad

Degree in chemistry