Ecobertura App

Pest Monitoring Software



Ecobertura app arose from the need to collect, classify and compare data from our field trials to determine the efficacy and performance of each of our products compared to other alternatives in the market.


As a result, we have developed an app that facilitates the whole tedious process of paper notes, spreadsheets, photo history, data analysis and graph creation. The software geolocates the traps and the plot where they are located, cross-checks the meteorological data linked to the geolocation at each moment of monitoring. All the information collected is stored in the cloud, which allows us to have it available and view it on any mobile device and in real time.


The storage and analysis of all these data over time will allow us to understand the behavior of a pest, determine flight or capture peaks and the focal points of greatest incidence, facilitating decision making and preventive action.


Ecobertura app is a very useful tool for us and, as there are no equal alternatives in the market, we want to share it with any user, big or small, who is interested in monitoring the presence and evolution of any pest in crops, forests, gardens, parks, etc; or simply to make comparisons of products to choose the one that best meets their needs.


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We invite you to learn more about it in the following link:
Phytoma International Meeting – “Challenges for an Agroecological Transition”.

Available for iOS and Android