Ecobertura app


Ecobertura app was born to fulfill our own need to organize and collect data from our field experiments to compare the performance of our products against other commercial alternatives for assessing their efficiency before launching them into the market.


The outcome of this was the development of an app that facilitates the tedious process of writing down on paper, filling spread sheets out, data analysis and chart creation. On the other hand, our app allows the traps geopositioning and delimitate the area where they are. Another important feature is the possibility to record meteorological data such as temperature and humidity during the monitoring period. All the gathered information is kept in the cloud allowing the access from any device (phone, computer, tablet) with internet connection.


The storage and data analysis of these information will permit to understand any insect population dynamic and plague presence hot spots, helping the decision making easier. Ecobertura App is very useful for us and as there is no similar alternatives with same features, so we want to share it with any kind of users who want to monitor the insect presence on crops, forests, parks…or simply compare different products to choose the one which fits better their needs.


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Available for iOS and Android